Summer Staycation: 10 Backyard Essentails

Summer Staycation: 10 Backyard Essentails

Summer 2020 was a little...different. Your travel plans were likely canceled — and even now, things still aren't quite back to "normal." So, let's take these mid-summer lemons and turn them into lemonade with essential backyard upgrades that can put the FUN back in your summer.

1. Hydration

wine bottle in kiddy pool

And no, we're not just talking wine. It's super important to keep your cool during the hot summer months — whether that looks like setting up a baby pool, lounging near a sprinkler or just having your pool boy  partner spray you down with a garden hose every few minutes is totally up to you.

2. Shade

Find shade, don't throw it — even if it's just a tiny umbrella for your drink or your most ridiculous pair of glasses. We just put sun sails like these up at our Hood River Tasting Room and are not complaining.

3. Summer Reading

woman drinking with floppy hat summer reading

Just because you're not going to be able to make it to the beach doesn't mean you should ditch your summer reading. We recommend finding your local bookstore and escaping into the pages (without the hassle of airport security). This bottle of Wild & Free can also help!

4. Seating

Whether you're hanging from the trees in the world’s greatest hammock, lounging on the deck in a classic Adirondack chair or chillaxin’ to the max in a blowup lounger you’re gonna need a comfy place to sit for the foreseeable season.

5. Christmas Lights 

Let's face it, Christmas lights are a total vibe. Throw these cheap thrills up just about anywhere and watch your space be transformed into the European courtyard of your Pinterest travel board's dreams.

6. Fuego

girl on pink flamingo drinking wine

Nothing says summer like that first perfectly charred wiener. You didn’t hear it from us. Whether you’re splurging on a wood-fired Solo Stove or opting for the convenience of propane, a backyard fire element 100% a must-have to complete the magic of your warm-weather staycation.

7. Yard games

You can still be social while social distancing. They say Summer 2020 was the season of badminton...but if you need a game you can play with a glass of wine in your hand, we are big fans of corn hole for this exact reason.

8. SPF

Those UV rays are no joke and nothing is less fun than a third-degree sunburn. We recommend a high SPF 30 or higher that is water/sweatproof. So you can spend more time in that baby pool and less time re-applying.

9. Bug Off

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to an alfresco meal only to discover that you are the main course. Put up a giant “do not enter” sign for those pesky critters with some strategically placed citronella candles or a yellow jacket trap near your picnic table.

10. Wine

woman drinking wine in hawaiian shirt

Let’s not forget the most important ingredients for staycation! Go ahead, stuff your fridge.