What to Wear to a Winery

What to Wear to a Winery



So you’re going wine tasting - but you have no idea what to wear to a winery. Not to worry! We’re spilling our “expert” tips & tricks on how to evoke the perfect outfit for your next visit to the tasting room.

Go with the flow


Nothing says cool days at a chill winery quite like a fabulous sundress. Make the most of your warm & sunny wine country visit and make a statement with an extra billowy maxi dress. Or keep it short and sweet with a fun and flirty mini version (with a pair of bike shorts for added security). Not feelin’ like a dress? Go ahead and rock an oh-so-chic pair of palazzo pants and pretend you are romping around Tuscany with your besties. Whatever length you decide, just remember to go with the flow.

Keep it light and not too tight 


Wine tasting is all about enjoying the day, the company you’re with, and great wine. So, the last thing you want standing in the way of an otherwise perfect afternoon is an outfit that’s too tight or fussy. Avoid high maintenance outfits with less than dependable straps, breath defying corsets, or slouchy off the shoulder necklines. Instead, keep it light and loose with linen pants & cotton button ups that are guaranteed to look and keep you cool all season long.

Pretty in Print

No bodies perfect, sometimes spills happen and an all white outfit is mearly tempting the fates. So resist the monochrome momentum and opt for a pretty print that will better camouflage any splashes or slip ups.

Weather wise


Check a trusted weather app before you go (especially in Oregon) or come prepared for a little of everything. A fun & functional parasol is the perfect accessory for rain and shine. *It also triples as a fabulous prop for fanciful photos in vineyards and tasting rooms. Toss a light cardigan in your bag to ward off the chill of early afternoon and windier high elevation locations. Plus, if you do have any mishaps while tasting, it doubles as a fashionable cover up for any accidental stains. 


Brush it off


If you plan on visiting more than one winery or tasting room, you’re going to want to pack a travel sized toothbrush. Trust us, red wine stained smiles are not an accessory that pairs well with any of the outfits mentioned above.

DD & me

A sober driver is by far the most fashionable choice for any day of wine tasting. If you are planning a celebratory trip or an outing with more than 5 people, we highly recommend making a reservation with a tour company or limousine service. Plus, being chauffeured around all afternoon only helps to make the day just that much more special. Safety is always in fashion. 😉