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Join Evoke Winery for our Sixth annual Rogue River Multi-Day Rafting trip with Northwest Rafting! An awesome excursion with beautiful scenery, wild rapids, and plenty of food and wine to go around! This trip is all-inclusive, so you can kick back and enjoy making memories to last a lifetime!  

This trip is all inclusive, which means: all of your camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, chairs, etc), all meals (beginning with lunch Thursday through lunch on Sunday), more wine than your heart desires, along with the services of professional guides! This 4 day, 3 night all inclusive trip of a lifetime is full of adventure and all the beauty of the wild spaces. 
The trip is a great way to go deep into the wilderness without getting blisters as the river effortlessly takes you downstream with all of your belongings in tow. We eat too much food, make new friends, laugh all too much all while taking in the beautiful sights of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River Wilderness. In the past we have seen bears from the safety of the water, so many birds, martins, otters and deer among so many other natural sights. It is the most spectacular river trip, with too much delicious food and wonderful memories.
Day 1

Our trip begins at Galice Resort at 9:00 AM on August 18th. Here, you’ll meet the head guide and start packing your things into provided waterproof dry bags. When everyone’s packed and ready, we’ll get in a van and head a few miles downstream to the put-in.

The first few miles give us a chance to teach the brave souls in the inflatable kayaks how to maneuver their craft. After stopping for lunch we enter the “wild” section and leave civilization behind. The first rapids, Grave Creek Rapids, thrill the rafters and challenge the kayakers.

Our next major rapid is Rainey Falls, which most guests choose to hike around. After Rainey Falls it’s smooth floating to camp. We arrive early enough to put up tents, perhaps take a short hike, a brief swim, relax on the beach, or delve into a book before dark. We will be serving hors d’oeuvres followed by a hearty dinner. Plus wine, there will be plenty of wine.

Days 2 & 3

These are full days on the river. Coffee is ready by 7:00 AM and breakfast is served around 8:00 AM. There is a first call to cold breakfast followed by a warm breakfast. Follow your inner hobbit heart and eat to your stomach's content. After fueling up for the morning, we pack up camp, load the boats, and hit the river. We often go hiking along one of the side creeks, go for a swim and splash our way downstream taking in the scenery along the way. On Day 3 We stop for lunch above Mule Creek Canyon and prepare for the best whitewater of the trip. At Mule Creek Canyon the river plunges through a narrow canyon with sheer rock walls. When the whitewater lets up we have a chance to enjoy the spectacular beauty. After a break comes Blossom Bar, an extremely tricky maze of rocks, and then relaxed floating through more beautiful scenery until we arrive at camp.

Day 4

We begin Day 4 like the others with morning coffee and a hearty breakfast. We spend half a day on the river and reach the take-out point at Foster Bar around noon. The three hour van ride back brings you to your car in Galice. 
The days spent on the water will never leave you and fill you with memories and joy for years to come. We have such a marvelous time and every year there is something new to discover, we keep coming back year after year. 
Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to have you join us this year!!