Cabernet Family Bundle

Cabernet Family


We recently got nerdy on our blog about these iconic Bordeaux varietals. Here's a fun fact: when a Cabernet Franc grape and a Sauvignon Blanc grape love each other very much, they create a Cab Sauv baby. 🤣 Read more on our blog and buy this fam 3-pack at 30% off.

What's Inside:
  • Simple Pleasures Cabernet Franc
  • Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Partners in Wine Sauvignon Blanc
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More about this wine

Wanna dork out with your cork out? One of the intriguing similarities these “Bordeaux” varieties have in common is the presence of methoxypyrazine. Sounds like a crazy ingredient on the back of a shampoo bottle, but it’s actually just the science-y name for the same aromatic compound that’s also found in green bell peppers. Learn more on our Spill It blog!