2023 Oh! Orgasmic Awards: Tempranillo & Sangiovese

2023 Oh! Orgasmic Awards:  Tempranillo & Sangiovese


We’re feeling pretty awesome! Our Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Tempranillo scored a double gold medal at the 2023 Seattle Wine Awards with 95 points. Making us even prouder - it received the judges’ accolade of BEST IN CLASS. Woohoo, we love what we do!


Our Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Sangiovese not only scored 94 points to receive a gold medal in the same competition, but it was also awarded gold at the 2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. We love this wine and love our talented winemaking team, Alaina and Adam.


As we’ve noted before, when we win an award we’re compelled to create even better wines. You’ll know it when you take the first sip of our Tempranillo. Stop for a moment and savor the dark thick fruit flavors as they do a little sultry dance, with hints of leather and tobacco on your tongue. Try this gold medaled Sangiovese as its round cherry and spicy aromatics give way to creamy vanilla and a lingering oaky finish.

Just for fun, now you should pour a taste of your current Evoke favorite, no doubt, we agree with you that it's a winner too!

Stay evocative!