Yeah, we've won some pretty legit awards. No, we do not display them behind glass in our tasting rooms. 

We know we’re great because you tell us so. But, if a wine competition thinks our wine is good too . . . then hell, they’ve got good taste and we like that about them. We might even brag about it — just a little bit!

  • Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Tempranillo

    Okay! Bragging now! We were just awarded double gold and BEST IN CLASS for our Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Tempranillo!! It received 95 points and accolades at the 2023 Seattle Wine Awards. We are so proud of our wine making team! Woo Hoo! This BEST IN CLASS Oh! is a full-bodied red wine with dark, thick and fruity notes of earth and spice on the nose. A blend of neutral French and American oak engorge the palate with flavors of leather and tobacco. Delicious!!!!! Savor the first glass all by itself and then have a second with a Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon

  • 2024 Washington Wine Awards

    May 2024: we are popping the bottle and celebrating 3 gold medals!
    93 PTS 2020 Oh! Orgasmic Zinfandel
    90 PTS 2022 Making Waves Albariño
    90 PTS 2020 Oh! Orgasmic Barbera

  • Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Sangiovese

    This fabulous red just scored 94 points and a gold medal in the 2023 Seattle Wine Awards! Hints of strawberry, cherry, and spicy aromatics give way to a palate of creamy vanilla, and oak flavors.

  • 2018 Oh! Orgasmic Sangiovese

    A delicious Gold Medal winner in the 2022 Washington Wine Awards scoring 92 points is a Medium bodied red, with a lingering and savory tannin finish.

  • 2019 Oh! Orgasmic Meritage

    This nod to Old World Bordeaux blends aromas of red currant, juicy dark fruit with a medium body and tannins just scored 97 points and Double Gold at the 2022 Washington Wine Awards!!!! Delicious with flavory dishes as this wine loves a roasted lamb on the BBQ and gold medals.

  • 2018 Oh! Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon

    Another Gold Medal winner in the 2022 Washington Wine Awards scoring 93 points. This Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon offers a full body with round tannins that culminate in a dry vanilla finish.

  • 2019 Let's Dance red blend

    Not a surprise! Let's Dance won Gold at the 2022 Washington Wine Awards with 94 points.

  • 2019 Oh! Orgasmic Tannat

    This Oh! so unique and rarely produced red varietal offers aromas of black fruit and sarsaparilla on the nose. While full bodied flavors of blackberry, leather, and black cherry crash onto your palate like a cannonball off a high dive. Big and juicy.It scored 95 points and Double Gold at the 2022 Washington Wine Awards.

  • 2019 Here to Stay Chardonnay

    Enjoy notes of vanilla, buttery toast, and long drives in classic convertibles with this DOUBLE GOLD WINNER at the 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

  • 2017 Here To Stay Chardonnay

    93 Points and Double Gold Winner 2019 International Women's Wine Competition

  • 2017 Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon

    97 Points & Double Gold Medal Winner 2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition

  • 2018 Making Waves Albariño

    92 Points and Double Gold Winner of the 2019 International Women's Wine Competition.

  • 2016 Oh! Orgasmic Sangiovese

    92 Points. Gold Medal Winner 2018 San Francisco International Wine Competition