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  • Fun Fact:  The Most expensive wines in the world are blends.

    The goal of producing a red blend: to make a wine that is actually better than the sum of its parts. There’s a myth that all red blends are cheap t...
  • knockers

    the origin of. Are doorbells preferential over door knockers? Are SMART doorbells with visuals and audio even better?  Back in the Hellenistic Era ...
  • 2024 Barrel Tasting: Vacanza

    vacanza [vaˈkantsa]  NOUN (riposo, ferie) holiday(s plural) (British) ⧫ vacation (US)  ⧫ (giorno di permesso) day off We have wine just fo...
  • we swing both ways

    Chardonnay for Red Wine Drinkers.  Here to Stay Chardonnay is buttery and oaked. In French Oak barrels, that is, to gain nuances of vanilla bean...
  • Virgin is back!

    Some of our die-hard Chardonnay lovers will remember our 2012 ‘Naked’ Virgin — with its creamy full mouth feel. Now you can experience Virgin once ...
  • Luv Shack

    It's an Oh! Orgasmic LOVE child. Yes! Luv Shack is back! We sold our last vintage (when we were Naked) in 2009. This 2020 Cab Franc was aged 40 mo...
  • wine diamonds

    Fun Fact: Wine Diamonds are scientifically called potassium bitartrate.  Tartrates – easier. Wine diamonds – prettier. You may have noticed cle...
  • Vixen Syrah

    Like the seductive vixen archetype, our Vixen Syrah's beauty comes from the right combination of personality, confidence, class, strength, body and...
  • Evoke Love! it's february!

    We're full of evocativity all day, every day! — it's that positive energy that just lights up the room! Our evocativity is sparking and we're ...
  • An Ode to Evoke Winery Seaside

    Permanently closed as of 1/30/2024 Our award winning wines have been evoking fun and great conversation at our Seaside tasting room for years, but ...
  • Leftover holiday chocolate? We have wine for that!

    White Chocolate Lindor Truffles + evocativity Rosé With it's signature pink color, this vibrant summer wine delivers full refreshing fla...
  • What’s your sign?  We have wine for that!

    We’ve done our research and we have the perfect wine to pair with the essence of your celestial identity! What’s your sign?   December 22-Januar...
  • wine connoisseur: 101

     just swirl, sniff and sip. We think award winning wine is totally fun—no Pomp and Circumstance here. It’s so easy. Directions: Swirl.   First, ...
  • Fugly Sweater

    2017 Fugly Sweater Merlot wine release date: November 7, 2023 The yarns have softened with age, but the colors are as bright as any new sweater you...
  • Another beautiful day — make it Orgasmic!

    It’s another beautiful day — make it orgasmic with our premium reserve wines!
  • Sweets with Our Sweets

      Need a quick dessert — we’ve got wine for that! Our sweet wines make the perfect dessert — but if you want a little more indulgence, may we sugge...
  • 'tis the season!

    Happy bubbles fizz forward the aromas of tropical fruit gummies in friendly waves and then, with bright effervescence — juicy flavors of tangerine ...
  • Rogue River Photos are in!!

    Shelly and Jason hosted our Club members on the Sixth Annual Evoke Winery Rogue River rafting trip and the photos are in! Thank you to the Northwes...
  • Final Fling Before the Ring

    Cheers and a sip, sip, rosé to all the “I do” crews who brought their brides-to-be to Evoke Winery for their last syrah. It’s definitely been a sum...
  • Yellow Chair Magic

    Did you notice or sit on one of the yellow chairs the last time you were at a tasting room? We like to think that sitting on a yellow leather chair...
  • Evocativity: it's real!

    Okay! . . . we made up the word, but it’s real! Our sex positive labels shine a light on what we like to call evocativity — the positive energy ign...
  • Stay in Hood River: In our Evoke Winery Suite at the Hood River Hotel!

    Looking for the perfect place to stay while exploring Hood River? We teamed up with our friends at the Hood River Hotel to make your stay in the ...
  • Tannat: rare and nuanced

    Tannat is a rare variety to find outside of France and Uruguay and we’re fortunate to know a grower in the Columbia Gorge. It’s a hardy thick skinn...
  • 2023 Oh! Orgasmic Awards: Tempranillo & Sangiovese

      We’re feeling pretty awesome! Our Oh! Orgasmic 2019 Tempranillo scored a double gold medal at the 2023 Seattle Wine Awards with 95 points. Makin...
  • We're Golden!

    Check out our latest five Washington Wine Awards winners before they are sold out and find out how they taste in your winning circle.
  • We’re so into this Dominatrix

    She’s not your average Pinot — she’s not a typical Oregon Noir. She’s a full-bodied Dominatrix.
  • Get ready to pounce. Cougar is back!

    We’ve missed our confident spritzy good-time wine, too. Well, SHE’S BACK!
  • Lipgloss and Bubbly

    Let's go back to the season of carefree spontaneity.
  • End of Summer Sips

    Psst! The summer season is officially ending!
  • Frosé the Summer Days Away

    We’re never afraid to feel young and free at Evoke Winery.
  • Barrel Tasting Season

    Making memories with the Evoke Team Another successful Annual Barrel Tasting season is over, with 4 sold-out sessions each weekend in the month o...
  • Party Like an Animal

    Host & toast the perfect spring get together!
  • Treat Your Self!

    Because you can't pour from an empty glass.
  • Not So Petite Sirah

    Get to know the "little" grape that's kind of a BIG deal.
  • Library Wines 101

    Your crash course for storing and pouring library wines at home. 
  • Open That Bottle Night

    Great wine is made to be shared!
  • Gorge Winter Weekend Getaway

    Your guide to warm and fuzzy Hood River memories.
  • Oh! Mimosa

    Let's dive into Sunday's favorite cocktail - the mimosa!
  • Let's Dance Red Blend

    Get ready to put on your red shoes and dance the blues!
  • We’re Movin’ On Up — Up the block that is!

    Don't worry, you're not going to have to go far.
  • Where Do Our Grapes Come From?

    Our relationships with regional viticulturalists go deep. 
  • Cranberry Fizzy Recipe

    A festive spritzer.
  • Hello, We're Evoke Winery

    An update on our name change.
  • Cranberry sauce loves Dominatrix Pinot Noir: happy Thanksgiving!

    Pour some Pinot into Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Set the Table: Barbera’s the Best Wine for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Meet: the "wine of the people."
  • A Super Helpful Guide To Super Tuscans

    Renegades, rebellion and red blends.
  • The Evoke Guide to Making (Meaningful) Memories

    Come for the wine, stay for the memories.
  • Feelin' Bougie?

    Enjoy the fruits of our experimental labors.
  • Cabernet Sauvigon vs. Cabernet Franc

    Learn difference between these Bordeaux baddies.
  • Essential Red Wines for Summer

    Our list of essential audacious crimson bevies