we swing both ways

we swing both ways

Chardonnay for Red Wine Drinkers. 

Here to Stay Chardonnay is buttery and oaked. In French Oak barrels, that is, to gain nuances of vanilla bean, savory spices and its smooth silky texture. It has also undergone ML treatment, which means adding healthy bacteria. 

The process is essentially that of making a red wine but with Chardonnay grapes, and produces a fuller bodied white wine. In red wines like Cab Sauv, a malolactic fermentation (ML for short) is almost always used to soften out the tart-tasting malic acid that’s naturally present in the grape juice. 

This process converts the malic acid into softer-tasting lactic acid. A byproduct of this is a compound called diacetyl (die-ass-sea-teal) which is responsible for the caramel-esqe, buttery flavors you smell and taste in Here to Stay Chardonnay.

Enjoy creamy Here to Stay with popcorn, escargot, Fettuccine Alfredo, roasted chicken, clam chowder, or a hazelnut-crusted pork tenderloin. 


Chardonnay for White Wine Drinkers

Foreplay Chardonnay is pure crisp green apple flavor! It’s fermented and then aged for 3 months in non-reactive stainless steel tanks. It's just fruit. Light in body, flavored with bright layers of fruit over a bit of minerality with a long, lively finish. It makes for a delicate flavor to savor with simply prepared foods as it is easily overwhelmed by spicy cuisines.  

This crisp Chardonnay is best paired with foods like baked white fish or poultry in butter and herbs. Tarragon, basil, dill, mustard, and pesto sauce are all fabulous flavors to play with.

Enjoy crisp Foreplay with lobster drenched in warm butter and peach cobbler with homemade whipping cream, ceviche, tuna sandwiches, crab or shrimp salad with citrus, even Caesar salad.

which ever way you swing — we’ve got wine for that!