Evocativity: it's real!

Evocativity: it's real!

Okay! . . . we made up the word, but it’s real! Our sex positive labels shine a light on what we like to call evocativity — the positive energy ignited from a smile or sideways glance. It’s a fun word to say and we have plenty of fabulous wine to go with it!


Take a second and think about your positive energy. Sharing the best of yourself with friends. The ease of laughter, creating memorable moments as you evoke love and adventure. Your energy is limitless. You’re filled with happiness and you know your friends feel just as fabulous as you do! 



It’s the energy you feel when creating something meaningful. It's the positive connectivity between two people. It's that dopamine high and wanting to share it. We start feeling exuberantly sexy and find ourselves standing taller, embracing our confidence — that’s evocativity.



Have you ever felt that crazy energy coming from another person in the room? You’re drawn closer and your evocativity rises as well. Their evocativity is contagious. What you think about — you bring about. Before you know it, you’re sharing a few good words and maybe a great bottle of wine with them.

Check out our fabulous new line of wines we call the “evocativity” collection. They shine a light on positive energy and self love. You deserve it!