Get ready to pounce. Cougar is back!

Get ready to pounce. Cougar is back!

We’ve heard from you — Cougar’s got it goin’ on. She’s all you want and you have been waiting for like… EVER!

We’ve missed our confident spritzy good-time wine too. Well, SHE’S BACK! Blended from our luscious whites with flavors of candied pineapples and ripe juicy pears — Cougar is ready to seduce once again.

If you haven’t had the chance to try her, you’re going to be happy we’re introducing you. Sweet and sexy, this feline is ready to pounce on any untamed palate. She’s a tall glass of beautiful semi-sparkling wine and perfect for any adventure your fantasies can dream up.

If this is not your first time — this refined Cougar is what you’ve loved and been craving. Get ready to flirt with her bodacious profile of sweet tropical fruit flavors and let her once more seal the deal with her alluring light sparkle. 

Stay evocative!