End of Summer Sips

End of Summer Sips

Psst! The summer season is officially ending!

Did you load up the car and spend every weekend on an adventure? Did you get to visit friends that you haven’t seen in like, forever? Or paddle out past your comfort zone and then go wine tasting?

We all felt compelled to roam, to wander, to drive, discover and share. We didn't settle for the stay-cation or weekends at home to deal with unfinished projects. We all needed to cover ground.

But now things are winding down. Days are getting shorter. Did you notice—our favorite summer wine stays chilled in the glass all evening. Kinda nice to sip on an Oh!Orgasmic Bubbly White with its effervescent sun ripened citrus and asian pear tickling your nose. Right? Or pour a glass of Sure Thing with it’s “just the right amount of sweet,” —all with a cooler breeze in the air.

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If you’re drinking reds—time to imbibe in a glass of our popular Diva Sangiovese and dig into that savory bowl of spaghetti with the good tomato sauce—topped with a healthy pile of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Whatever your flavor, we’ve got your favorite end of summer wine to keep the weekend-vacation vibe going—because the joy of needing a sweater, turning the A/C off in the car, sipping wine by the fire and wrapping up in that warm favorite blanket, are just around the corner! Enjoy!