Fugly Sweater

Fugly Sweater

2017 Fugly Sweater Merlot

wine release date: November 7, 2023

The yarns have softened with age, but the colors are as bright as any new sweater you’d find online and the fabulous embellished design always works for any holiday occasion. The bolder the better. Your go-to party sweater. You know exactly what sweater we’re talking about — the fugliest one in your closet!

Just like your favorite party sweater, our 2017 Fugly Sweater Merlot’s bold flavors make a big impression. Age has brought out the chocolatey, bold tobacco aromas and the beautiful velvety texture of this Fugly Sweater. Deep raspberry flavors are deliciously complex and layered. It feels rounded, open and soft like baked raspberries in a warm-from-the-oven cobbler, served with heavy whipping cream.

Its bold fruit elegance is unpretentious. This is a loveable merlot. It’s perfect for casual drinking with your favorite burger or cheese and cracker plate. It's full bodied and earthy enough to serve alongside filet mignon and make even a beet and blue cheese salad taste amazing.


This merlot should be served a little cooler than room temperature and poured into your biggest red wine glass. Swirl the wine so you can enjoy the legs of this aged, full bodied Fugly Sweater. Now, sit back and purr like a kitten — because sometimes the holidays can be a real nutcracker!