Luv Shack

Luv Shack

It's an Oh! Orgasmic LOVE child.

Yes! Luv Shack is back! We sold our last vintage (when we were Naked) in 2009. This 2020 Cab Franc was aged 40 months in American and French Oak. It has a good balance of fruit and earth — a complex wine with spicy aromas of roasted pepper and medium levels of acidity. It's a lovely body of vanilla, blackberries, red plums and cherries. Coupled with rich tannins — this smooth Cab Franc gives structure and direction as hints of ripened strawberry fuel your palate. It's the perfect summer red wine!

Serve it at room temperature and enjoy scents of warm toasted oak. This full bodied smooth red wine tastes of chocolate, plum, wild strawberry, blackberry and raspberry.

Serve it in a cooler glass and savor hints of green bell pepper, herbal notes of chamomile and cigar tobacco aromas.

Decant this wine for 30 minutes to enhance its richness and decrease its spicy aromas.

Savory foods pair best. Pair this Cab Franc with cheeses like feta, Gorgonzola, and Fontina. The herbaceous aromas of this wine pair well with roasted red peppers and grilled burgers, roasted or grilled lamb, not-too-spicy vegetarian bean chili, turkey sandwiches with cranberry relish, lamb gyros, or a simple duck pâté. Compliment the herbal accents of this wine with oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, red pepper flakes, black pepper, or jalapeño when preparing your feast.

For dessert — pour a glass and serve alongside anything dark chocolate. The bitterness of dark chocolate harmonizes with Cabernet Franc's smooth intensity. 

So hug, kiss, dance, and wear nothing at all.
Go ahead - shimmy like glitter on the highway!