Rogue River Photos are in!!

Rogue River Photos are in!!

Shelly and Jason hosted our Club members on the Sixth Annual Evoke Winery Rogue River rafting trip and the photos are in! Thank you to the Northwest Rafting Company who managed every detail of this magical adventure making it another amazing all-inclusive mini-vacation with Club friends. Rogue River’s gorgeous evocative setting defined the trip; it’s an Oregon gem. 

“It took me most of the first day to completely relax and immerse myself into nature. Once I did, I felt like a wild river kid who was living his best river life. No one pushes you to do anything you are not comfortable with. You get up on the rock and decide you don't want to jump. That's fine. Getting to be in the Duckie (kayak) for some of the largest rapids was a highlight and opportunity I couldn’t miss!"     Jason, manager at our Seaside Tasting Room.



Northwest Rafting Company sent five guides to navigate the river, set up camp and cater to us each day. We brought plenty, never too many, cases of wine to make camping even more fun. This year, the two most popular wines were Sunset Sweet and Oh! Orgasmic Bubbly, shout out to Chet and Tess respectively! The Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo and Sangiovese were sublime with the steak, chicken fajitas and pulled pork dinners. Making Waves, Ride or Die, Picnic Table Pink, and Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White were perfect matches for our picnics and excursions.

Jason added, that “being on the river is a complete change of pace. You are with great people for 4 days laughing and getting real. You make jokes that only those —  with you — know. Our guides: Camp Counselor Claire, Laura (Jenny) Bradical (Brad) Austin (Powers) Mamma Rachel Wildcat Kinley, really made this trip exhilarating for all of us.” 



Between Pirate Day, River Prom night and sleeping in the Duckie after watching "Star TV", it’s fair to say the Club Evoke rafters stoked enough evocativity to flow until next year and there are more stories to share! Stay tuned!