What’s your sign?  We have wine for that!

What’s your sign?  We have wine for that!

We’ve done our research and we have the perfect wine to pair with the essence of your celestial identity! What’s your sign?


December 22-January 19

Stable dependable goal setter, discerning, extremely practical, and a seriously structured taskmaster. Your loyal and forward thinking nature keeps you dedicated to your work and love.

Wine pairings that nourish both your high standards and your human side as well

Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo. It's one of our best. A winner attracts a winner and this wine has plenty of award winning accolades. Full bodied with dominant flavors of cherry, dry fig, cedar, leather and gold dust.

Foreplay Chardonnay’s modern style fits with your discerning taste. It’s full of fruit flavors and ready to enjoy now. Aged in stainless steel — this Chardonnay evokes notes of lychee and crisp green apple. It’s time to take a break!


January 20 – February 18

Opinionated and innovative, eccentric, progressive, philosophical, cool and aloof. You dream of making the world better. You’re genuinely eccentric and reclusive — you're unique!

Wine pairings that can pique your intellectual curiosity

Oh! Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon. Let its aromas of dark ripe cherry and cedar on the nose take you to that special meadow of wildflowers near a forest in the peace and quiet, all by yourself, just to watch the seasons change.

Making Waves Albariño. Pull anchor, set sail, and watch the shoreline disappear as you head off into the great unknown. You are the captain of your own destiny. Enjoy notes of Meyer lemon, passion fruit, and enjoying the ride. 


February 19 - March 20

Creative, romantic, intuitive, caring, capable of extreme sacrifices, hazy, lost in daydreams, hopeful, charming, kind, totally comfortable with the intangible and the ethereal, imaginative and have an empathetic nature. You can get overwhelmed easily due to your incredibly sensitive nature. 

Wine that pairs with both the whimsical and sensitive sides of you

Let’s Dance GM Blend. Notes of raspberry, baking spice, and serious moonlight. So turn up the radio. Sway to the music and get lost in the movement. Look into my eyes and fall into my arms. Let's Dance!

Complicated Viognier. Life's complicated. Your wine doesn't have to be. Evokes notes of honeydew, sun-ripened peach, and hitting the reset button. We know how you feel.



March 21 - April 19

Competitive, strong willed, bold, ambitious, eager — ready to take the lead, confident, straight forward, warm-hearted, generous, bright, never needs a plus one — loves your own company the best and so lively. There’s no mountain you can’t climb if you set your mind to it!

Wine pairings that work and play as hard as you do

Oh! Orgasmic Nebbiolo is not for the untamed palate, with its never-ending gobstopper flavors of dark berry fruits and spice. Full bodied. Big and bold! This Oh! explodes the senses with wild roses and dried raspberries. Grippy high tannins leave hints of smoky charred wood on the palate. Perfect and robust enough to drink on its own or whatever way you want. 

Oh! Orgasmic Bubbly Rosé. Aromas of bubble gum, peach ring gummies, and tropical fruits greet your nose in friendly waves. This Bubbly is as bright and lively and bursting with energy as you are!


April 20 – May 20

Loyal to a fault, so tolerant, work so hard, stubborn but mindful and sophisticated, strong and reliable, inspired by beauty and luxury, rugged determination, seeking out pleasure and being present in your body. You know who you are and you know what you want. 

 Wine pairings that know who you are, as well

Dominatrix Pinot Noir. It’s not your average Pinot; it’s forthright. Evoking notes of red currant, cacao, and using your safe word — because you call the shots.

Oh! Orgasmic Bubbly White. It’s sensually pleasurable and warms the spirit with aromas of asian pear, bright citrus, and orange blossom. Juicy flavors of sun ripened stone fruit and white grape give way to brilliant effervescence and a creamy finish. Luxurious.


May 21- June 21

Cup is half full, never dwells on what could have been, inquisitive and curious, chatty, charming, witty, the life of the party, loyal, a master word smith, craving stimulation, and so easy-going. You live an energetic lifestyle of excitement and variety!

Wine pairings that will pique your interest and satisfy the social butterfly in you

Oh! Orgasmic Meritage. It’s vibrant and complex enough to keep your attention with four varieties all in one bottle! This Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, and Malbec blend blossoms with ripe fig flavors that engorge the mouth with their grippy tannins. 

evocativity Rosé. Let the blush of this rosé ignite warm 'feel-good' energy. Chilled, it'll keep its cool while evocativity meters are running hot, making it a perfect cool sipping wine. Its delicate aromatics with berry and citrus flavors will spark positive energy that just radiates attraction. That's your evocativity.


June 22- July 22 

Intuitive, resilient, passionate, dedicated and nurturing, the “caregiver”, deeply, non-confrontational, creative, funny, wry sense of humor, intense, you love a beautiful sunset and the comfort of home.

Wine pairings that satisfy your strong desire for familiarity and emotional intimacy

Devoted Red Wine. It's the perfect blend — bold yet smooth, complex yet well-rounded, jammy and delicious, blending aromas of juicy dark plums and cherries with a medium body, medium tannins, finishing with a soft mouth feel and Mother Earth.

Here to Stay Chardonnay. Aromas of romantic long drives in a classic convertible, popcorn, escargot and sitting on the couch watching TMC movie marathons while enjoying notes of vanilla, and buttery toast. It’s classic, familiar and elegant to sip while reflecting and contemplating life. Home is best.


July 23 – August 22

Bright, fiery, dedicated and loyal, comfortable anywhere, and maybe, even dominating, friendly, polite, love the pull of the spotlight, always dramatic, dazzling, even! People just naturally draw in to your warmth and your shine. 

Wine pairings that reflect who you are and your expressive nature

Diva Sangiovese. This Sangiovese's brightness matches your lighthearted charisma with fabulous scents of creamy strawberry and spicy vanilla. It evokes notes of raspberry, cherry, and relaxing in all your beauty.

Cougar Semi-Sparkling White Blend pairs perfectly with your big personality. Evoking notes of candied pineapple, juicy pear, this sparkler is fun and gregarious and willing to get any party started  confidence is beautiful. 


August 23 – September 22

Thoughtful, intelligent, perfectionist, organized, diligent, considerate, and practical. Reputation matters. You’re steadfast, loving, charming and ethical. Rare.

Wine pairings that relate to your philosophy on life

Oh!Orgasmic Tannat is one of the most uncommon varieties of wine. This Oh!-so unique and rarely produced red varietal offers aromas of black fruit and sarsaparilla on the nose. While full bodied flavors of blackberry, leather, and black cherry crash onto your palate like a cannonball off a high dive. Big and juicy.

Carpe DM Sweet White Wine with its refined balance of sweetness and acidity reflects your well-calibrated nature. Evoking notes of ripe peach, orange blossom, and instant gratification knowing sh*t gets done!


September 23 – October 23

Witty, super social, you work and play well with others. Marked by the symbol of the “scales of justice” — you seek balance, always diplomatic, harmonious, avoiding conflict at all cost. You're so empathetic you actually have difficulty with decisiveness.

Wine pairings that support your need for stability and direction in life

Missionary Cabernet Franc. This medium bodied wine with natural high acidity subtly tingles the palate. Taste flavors of dark plums and raspberries that tease the senses. It has an amazing tannic feel with playful fruit on top and ripe cherries beneath. Forget laying this wine down for later. It's meant to be taken advantage of right away.

Bright Side Pinot Gris. It's so easy drinking, bright and modern with notes of Meyer lemon, green apple, and silver linings that dance in perfect harmony — Decision made. You're welcome!


October 24 – November 21

Emotional and knowing, fiery, wild, strong, magnetic, determined, motivated and quite often misunderstood. You love mysteries, like a moth to a flame, anything shrouded in secrecy. You’re a natural at getting to the deeper meaning of any subject.

Wine pairings that go just as deep as you do

Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a woody wine with depth. A big nose with a solid oak presence. As you taste Penetration, black cherries dominate followed by an elegant smoky and barrel toast finish. Black currant invites the nose to linger only to discover hints of clove and praline. Rich cherry and plum flavors rub the buds deep down on your tongue. Watch the legs release as they spread to perfection down the glass and feel the solid oak . . . oops! Getting too deep!

evocativity Pinot Gris. This white wine has fruit forward flavors of Meyer lemon and green apple with aromas of honeysuckle. Zesty and fresh, this Pinot Gris radiates Scorpio’s electric personality and candid warm heart.


November 22 – December 21

Impulsive with flights of fancy, clear thinking intellectual, expressive, buoyant, generous, a seeking sense of adventure with a need to get out of your comfort zone. You’re a beautiful storyteller with grand dreams

Wine that pairs with your spontaneity

evocativity Red Blend. It's willing and playful. So, okay! pretend you're in Paris — can you smell the rain? This red blend is luxury and mature elegance in a glass. Now take a sip. The flavors of cherry and raspberry cobbler just burst in your mouth. It’s a bouncy red with a jovial nature, just like you.

Gay Rosé. Its taste profile evokes notes of strawberry, kiwi, feathers, rainbows, and unicorn pool floaties. Modern, crisp and refreshing to ease your restless spirit.




Raise your glass to the stars — cheers!