Lipgloss and Bubbly

Lipgloss and Bubbly

Close your eyes. Count to 10 backwards...

Do you remember the days of flavored lipgloss applied with that metal rollerball floating in a brightly designed glass tube? Delicious! Just glide on the juicy peach and tangerine flavored shine, figure out what to wear, and get ready for a super fun party with school friends or a date with that hot secret someone. Good times.

Tick-tock… now you get to elevate the situation: 

You’re hanging with old friends and maybe a new hotter significant other—pop the cork off the chilled bottle of Oh! Bubbly Rosé and pour it into glass flutes. Don’t be shy— lean in and take a sip of that fabulous pink goodness. Savor the extra creamy finish. Beautiful! 

Oh! Bubbly Rosé is a flirtatious perfume of rose petals, bubblegum and fresh strawberries. It can easily be sipped from day to night with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Hey! We’ve just taken you back to the season of carefree spontaneity. Hope you have that favorite kissable lipgloss on and a bottle of chilled Oh! Bubbly Rosé in hand. Enjoy! And stay evocative!