the origin of.

Are doorbells preferential over door knockers? Are SMART doorbells with visuals and audio even better? 

Back in the Hellenistic Era of Ancient Greece, all the best homes in Athens kept a slave chained near the door to announce the arrival of guests. If the slave fell asleep, a handy metal rod chained to the door let the guest knock hard enough to rouse that sleeping slave.

It didn't take long for the chained metal rod to be used as a weapon against the homeowner and for safety it was removed, leaving just the metal ring to knock against a back plate. 

In 197 B.C, Romans conquered Greece, and took the best innovations they found with them as they conquered their way to an incredible empire stretching through Europe in the 2nd Century. They adopted the door knocker security system and a back plate with its ornamental knocker was on every distinguished residence. Some archaic knockers still survive and display regional craftsmanship whether they’re simple or ornate.

This leads us to old Victorian England in the 1840s when brass and metals were unaffordable and doors were thin. It's been said that the well endowed women of that era always had the privilege to do the knocking — with their double D's, of course! This tradition ended around 1905 but the term "a lady with fine knockers" became part of common vocabulary.

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