We're Golden!

We're Golden!

We know good grapes make good wine and we totally benefit from being an urban winery. We buy the best regional grapes we can from amazing growers – we call it “smart” sourcing. We take care to create wines that our wine club members want to drink. When we get a wine just right, the way it tastes connects to the emotion, it's like a song coming on the radio that takes us away to a most memorable time and makes us smile.

Much thanks goes to our sublime winemaking duo. Alaina Waller leads with Adam Carr assisting. They move in sync through the steps of creating premium wines that resonate with balance and elegance.

Even though we feel like we earn a Gold Star every time our members come back for more, it’s also great to get unbiased input from industry peers. It feels good to find out how we match up against esteemed labels and vineyards. Since we use A LOT of Columbia Valley grapes, we entered the 2022 Washington Wine Award competition. 

It’s one of the largest Pacific Northwest competitions with almost 1000 entries. Judged by tasting panelists who are an incredible group of wine professionals. They review the expectation of the varietal, the intent of the winemaker, and the result in the glass. We sent five wines and ALL won Gold or Double Gold. Yes, all FIVE wines! 

We know our direction. We love wine, we love making wine, we love drinking wine and we love our members and guests. Winning awards compels us to develop even better wines that bring everyone coming back for more. Because, as Alaina says, “sometimes more is more. . . and we like it like that.”

Check out our latest five winners before they are all sold out and find out how they taste in your winning circle. One of them could be your new favorite or lead you to your next. We have plenty of amazing varieties to suit anyone's ideal of an award winning wine!


2019 Oh! Orgasmic Meritage - Double Gold

If you’re not sure, why not try this decadent Double Gold? It showcases Alaina’s intuition and expertise and impressively pairs well with any food or occasion.

2019 Oh! Orgasmic Tannat - Double Gold

Smoking up a couple of celebratory briskets? Savor them with this tannat’s dark cherry flavor, peaty notes and silky tannins. We hope we’re invited! ;)

2019 Let's Dance Red Blend - Gold

Plan on wowing the crowd with its smooth raspberry and soft spice flavor. Let's Dance steps up to any occasion, especially one with food and music.

2018 Oh! Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon - Gold

Open our richly dark fruited cabernet at a celebratory dinner–we hope it's in your honor. Congratulations!

2018 Oh! Orgasmic Sangiovese - Gold

You need to share this decadent Oh! Level Sangiovese while noshing on your favorites from a charcuterie board. You’re worth it!


Stay evocative and enjoy!