Yellow Chair Magic

Yellow Chair Magic

Did you notice or sit on one of the yellow chairs the last time you were at a tasting room? We like to think that sitting on a yellow leather chair inspires evocativity. We chose them because we like the color of Oregon sunshine and the feel of laid back openness that they bring to our tasting rooms. They are our happy place no matter the weather. 

We love seeing guests cozied-up on these chairs, laughing and drinking our fun wines. Gathered close together, the energy just radiates in the room! That’s evocativity!  


Hey! Science fact: 

Did you know that Cognitive Psychologists associate Yellow with intellectual and analytical thinking. Yellow helps when organizing thoughts and processing multiple options - which fortuitously, makes the chairs a perfect spot to enjoy new varieties of wine. 

Maybe do a tasting while planted on a yellow chair and see if it makes a difference nailing down your favorite!

Fair warning!

If spontaneous ideas come to mind — just know, Yellow brings confidence for optimistic results and the energy to follow through. Enjoy the love and adventure you evoke, next time you imbibe in evoke winery.🌸

P.s. It’s Peter’s favorite color. He calls it ‘fighting lady yellow.’