The Evoke Guide to Making (Meaningful) Memories

The Evoke Guide to Making (Meaningful) Memories

At Evoke, our mission is simple: to bring people together, to have fun and make memories.

After over a year and a half of canceling plans, zooming everything and enduring endless days in stretchy pants, this mission feels more relevant than ever. But, global pandemic aside, we believe the best parts of life truly are the stories we collect and share along the way. So we put together a list of tips and tricks to help make your memories all the more meaningful.

Find reasons to celebrate.

There’s no need to buy a house or get married to justify popping open a bottle of the good stuff. Make a point to celebrate the little things, the small and even silly milestones in life. Say cheers to best friend-iversaries. Host a luau for your cat’s fifth birthday. Heck, throw a gender reveal party for your new car. (Just cool it with pyrotechnics.) Life is short, but oh, so sweet. So lean into what makes it sweeter.

Polaroid pictures and glasses of wine spread out on a table.

Put your phone down.

An easy formula for how to make more meaningful memories?

⬇️ Reduce screen time

⬆️ Increase eye contact

We’ve got science to back us up on this one. When you’re multitasking, it’s a lot harder for your brain to store information (i.e. make memories!)

That IRL conversation you had while doom scrolling or checking your email notifications? Your brain most likely filed that under “short term memory.” So, tuck your devices away and give the person in front of you your full attention. Not only will you engage in the moment more deeply, it’ll become a moment you will actually remember.

knife to saber a bottle of Oh! Bubbly White Wine

Don’t plan for spontaneity.

Okay, hear us out. There can be a fine line between “being spontaneous!” and waiting for amazing opportunities to come to you. Sure, if you get a last-minute invite to see a sold out show, you should absolutely grab those tickets by the barcode and get your booty to the venue. But, with a little planning you could have also had those tickets in hand months ago – plus, a great new outfit for the occasion. See what we mean?

Extraordinary days are memorable days. And oftentimes, extraordinary days require some planning. So, don’t be afraid to take initiative and be a little extra.

Flip the script: make reservations for a date night weeks in advance.

Raise the stakes: upgrade game night to a full-on murder mystery party (costumes required).

Engage your senses: sign yourself up for Italian cooking classes — in Italy!

Commit to planning (and doing) one new activity a day/week/month/year – whatever your schedule allows. Who knows, one of those new activities might just “stick” as your new favorite thing. And at the very least, you’ll have good stories to share.

Group of people toasting glasses around a fire.

Be kind & drink good wine

This one may be obvious! We believe that great wine has the power to evoke stories, laughter and good old fashioned conversation.

It’s why we come up with evocative names for our wine labels and put conversation prompts on the back of every bottle. It’s why we plan unusual club events, like medieval banquets and clam digs. And whether you fancy yourself a sauvignon savant or don’t know pinot gris from a pinecone - it’s why our tasting room staff open doors, arms and bottles to everyone.

So get your special people together, pop open a bottle of Evoke, and get the juicy convo flowing. After all, those memories aren’t going to make themselves.  


Team Evoke