Same You. Same Us. New Name.

Same You. Same Us. New Name.

As you’ve probably heard by now, we have a new name! It’s true. While we’re sad to leave “Naked” behind, we’re excited to begin a new chapter as Evoke Winery.

First things first, don’t panic. Our name is the only thing that’s changing. We still have the same owners, same staff, same wine labels and same mission: to bring people together. Only now, we do all of that under a new name. 

We figured you may have some questions. So here are some answers!

Why did we change our name? 

For years, we've navigated marketplace confusion with another online wine club with a very similar name to ours, but a very different purpose. Year after year, it became more and more obvious that the marketplace confusion was not going to go away – if anything, it was getting worse. So, in order to maintain what we value most and carve out a future for our company, we had to make a change.

Was the company sold?

Nope, we have the same owners and same rockstar employees you have met in the tasting room or have talked to on the phone all these years. 

What does this mean for our wine club?

Club Naked is now Club Evoke – and it's still the heart and soul of what we do. Your shipments will be released as they always have, with the same great wines and fun surprises you look forward to all year long. 

Will our wine labels change?

We are still making the same phenomenal wine with all the fun labels that you know and love. No one makes wine as fun and sassy as we do, and that will never change! In fact, we will be selling through Naked Winery inventory as we bottle new wines under "Evoke," so you'll still see our old name and labels floating around.

Did any of your tasting rooms close? 

We still own and operate tasting rooms in Hood River, Seaside, and Bend and we look forward to (finally) opening our Vancouver location later this year. We hope you’ll stop by to sip wine and spend time with us soon! For more information on our tasting rooms, click here.

So, why Evoke?

We believe wine has the power to evoke stories, memories and good old fashioned conversation. We hope that we will continue to help you make memories for years to come! 

Okay, that was kind of a lot, but we’re so excited to share this huge news with you. Now we look forward to watching you embrace it, just as we have. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass and toasting to our new beginning! Because no matter where we’ve been, or where we’re going, our story starts here.