Cranberry sauce loves Dominatrix Pinot Noir: happy Thanksgiving!

Cranberry sauce loves Dominatrix Pinot Noir: happy Thanksgiving!

If you’ve ever gone beyond the can with your holiday cranberry sauce, you know 1) there’s no going back and 2) making cranberry sauce is a lot easier than people think. It’s a joyful simmering of real fall spices and ingredients that will make your house smell better than any Yankee candle. Our next-level secret is adding something else we think makes the holidays perfect: wine!

While a heavy red wine will overpower the tart and delicate taste of cranberry, a lighter wine like our Dominatrix Pinot Noir is the perfect companion for a cranberry sauce. 

Remember, you wouldn’t *really* be cooking with wine if you didn’t have a taste, so pour yourself a glass of Dominatrix and get to work on this holiday favorite! 

Cranberry Sauce With Dominatrix Pinot Noir 

By Jeff Gordinier

Yield: 2.5 cups

Time: 20 minutes, plus cooling

* 10 whole allspice berries
* 10 whole cloves
* 10 whole black peppercorns
* 4 cups fresh or thawed frozen cranberries
* 1 ½ cups Dominatrix Pinot Noir
* 1 cup light brown sugar, loosely packed
* 1 cup clover or wildflower honey
* 1 cup fresh orange juice
* 6 strips orange zest, about 1-in. by 3-in., removed with a vegetable peeler
* 2 (4-in.) sprigs rosemary
* 1 small cinnamon stick
* 1 vanilla pod



Step 1
Combine allspice, cloves, and peppercorns in a spice grinder or coffee grinder and pulse until finely ground.

Step 2
In a medium saucepan, combine cranberries, wine, brown sugar, honey, orange juice, orange zest, rosemary, cinnamon stick, and ground spices.

Step 3
With the tip of a paring knife, split vanilla pod lengthwise. Use the back of the knife to scrape seeds from the pod. Add seeds and pod to the pot.

Step 4
Bring mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to a gentle simmer. Cook, stirring often until cranberries have burst and liquid thickens slightly about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and discard zest, rosemary sprigs, cinnamon stick, and vanilla pod. Transfer mixture to a bowl and let cool.